3 Fall Orthodontic Team Improvement Tips

Measure Your Marketing Dollars

Are you spending your marketing budget in the right places? If you don't know, it's time to start measuring the return on your marketing investment. Ask new patients how they heard about your office. By tracking the answers to this one simple question you can begin to determine which marketing strategies to expand, tweak, or eliminate.

How Flexible Are Your Payments?

Limited payment plans can have a negative impact on your case acceptance rate. Make it easy for your patients to say "yes" to orthodontic treatment by offering flexible payment plans that accommodates their financial needs.  

Are You Bonding With Your Patients?

Is your ortho team bonding with your patients? If not, try creating a section in each patient’s file that lists their interests/hobbies and accomplishments. Team members can then refer to this section when they need something to help break the ice with a patient. Reduce the chance of bond failure by updating the list after every appointment.

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