3 Team Tips for the New Year!

Attract More Ortho Patients with an Up-to-date Website


Many people start their search for an orthodontist online, so make a strong first impression with a fresh, up–to-date website. If your website is dated people might think your practice is too. A poor website leads to lost income opportunities, a polished website turns web traffic into patients.

Compliance Conversations         

Criticism is not the way to achieve proper brushing, flossing, or appliance compliance. Take a proactive approach when trying to motivate your patients. Try starting conversations by pointing out what the patient is doing well. Be sure to also stress the benefits of good compliance. For instance, if a patient consistently wears their elastics they are more likely to complete their treatment on time. 

Grow Your Ortho Practice in a Smart Direction

As your practice grows your expectations should too, and you can start to motivate team members to reach their full potential. Remember to always support your team, and encourage them with positive communication. Work with them to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based) goals for themselves and your practice.

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