Short Staffed? It’s Probably Costing You Big...

Combat the disruption of staff absenteeism by creating a pool of temporary employees. Temps are the perfect solution for covering sick days, vacations, and short-notice resignations and go a long way towards alleviating the costs of understaffing like decreased production and morale, and increased staff stress and turnover. With temps you’ll keep your patients happy and your practice growing!

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The Importance of Ongoing Training for your Ortho Team

Training isn’t a ‘one- time’ thing! For practice growth, ongoing training of new and experienced employees is an absolute must. Effective training programs promote job satisfaction, increase efficiencies, and provide the team with the necessary skills to deliver quality care and service.

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4 Practice Tips That Make An Immediate Difference

Here are four tips that can make an immediate positive impact on your practice. 

Share your Vision Statement with your team.

Read it once a week at a morning meeting. Post it in the lunch room and other employee-only areas. 

Hold morning meetings each day.

Make sure they are strategically focused on that day’s schedule. Follow an agenda. 

Hold monthly staff meetings to focus on bigger issues.

Schedule your meetings 12 months in advance to ensure that they are held each and every month.

Celebrate the “small successes” every day

Remember to praise staff members for doing a great job!