3 Team Tips for the New Year!

Attract More Ortho Patients with an Up-to-date Website


Many people start their search for an orthodontist online, so make a strong first impression with a fresh, up–to-date website. If your website is dated people might think your practice is too. A poor website leads to lost income opportunities, a polished website turns web traffic into patients.

Compliance Conversations         

Criticism is not the way to achieve proper brushing, flossing, or appliance compliance. Take a proactive approach when trying to motivate your patients. Try starting conversations by pointing out what the patient is doing well. Be sure to also stress the benefits of good compliance. For instance, if a patient consistently wears their elastics they are more likely to complete their treatment on time. 

Grow Your Ortho Practice in a Smart Direction

As your practice grows your expectations should too, and you can start to motivate team members to reach their full potential. Remember to always support your team, and encourage them with positive communication. Work with them to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based) goals for themselves and your practice.

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3 Fall Orthodontic Team Improvement Tips

Measure Your Marketing Dollars

Are you spending your marketing budget in the right places? If you don't know, it's time to start measuring the return on your marketing investment. Ask new patients how they heard about your office. By tracking the answers to this one simple question you can begin to determine which marketing strategies to expand, tweak, or eliminate.

How Flexible Are Your Payments?

Limited payment plans can have a negative impact on your case acceptance rate. Make it easy for your patients to say "yes" to orthodontic treatment by offering flexible payment plans that accommodates their financial needs.  

Are You Bonding With Your Patients?

Is your ortho team bonding with your patients? If not, try creating a section in each patient’s file that lists their interests/hobbies and accomplishments. Team members can then refer to this section when they need something to help break the ice with a patient. Reduce the chance of bond failure by updating the list after every appointment.

The Fortune is in the Follow-up

Does your treatment coordinator follow up with patients who don’t commit after their initial consultation? Following up with the patient or their parents after an initial consultation will increase your overall case acceptance percentage. Without proper follow up procedures you will lose prospective patients to other orthodontic practices. 

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Is the Phone a Full-time Employee at Your Office?

If it is, you could be losing referrals. Potential patients may be turned off when they reach your voicemail and contact another orthodontic practice recommended by their dentist. This can also frustrate your existing patients if they work during the day and only have a limited time to call. The solution: always have a team member ready to answer phone calls. It provides a great first impression for new patients and strengthens the relationships existing patients and referring offices. 

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Being Prepared Pays Off

Prior to introducing a new procedure or appliance, schedule a training session with the entire team to ensure everything runs smoothly. Without the proper training and preparation your staff cannot answer patients’ questions, procedures may have to be re-done, and appointments will run long. These bad patient experiences can cost you referrals and lead to poor online reviews.     

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Short Staffed? It’s Probably Costing You Big...

Combat the disruption of staff absenteeism by creating a pool of temporary employees. Temps are the perfect solution for covering sick days, vacations, and short-notice resignations and go a long way towards alleviating the costs of understaffing like decreased production and morale, and increased staff stress and turnover. With temps you’ll keep your patients happy and your practice growing!

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The Importance of Ongoing Training for your Ortho Team

Training isn’t a ‘one- time’ thing! For practice growth, ongoing training of new and experienced employees is an absolute must. Effective training programs promote job satisfaction, increase efficiencies, and provide the team with the necessary skills to deliver quality care and service.

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