Orthodontic Scheduling Consulting 

Is your team feeling stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed at the end of a patient day? Doctors, do you feel like you need to be in several places at the same time? Is the clinic often running behind? Or maybe you are tired of no show and short notice cancellation appointments? 

Orthodontic practices that run on time give clear signals to patients that they can handle more growth, but those that run out of sync make an implicit statement that they are at, or beyond, their maximum capacity. When you are seeing patients on time you create a happy, stress free environment for the doctor and staff, while leaving room for smiles as you take good care of the customer.

Create Your Perfect Day

We will help your practice maximize production and reduce stress while optimizing customer service. Together we'll map out your your perfect day and make it a model that you can achieve.

Our team has experience bringing order to the most chaotic environments. We can help you:

  • Facilitate the creation of efficient schedule templates

  • Develop complex schedules & determine patient procedure frequency

  • Reserve production appointments

  • Easily create and group procedure configurations

  • Manage multiple doctors, staff, and treatment coordinators

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