The New Patient Process and Case Acceptance

Front Desk Training or Orthodontic Receptionist Training

Treatment Coordinator Training

  • Provide exceptional patient care
  • Increase patient starts
  • Create more doctor time

Daphne will take you through the steps that integrate a Treatment Coordinator position into your practice. Her experience and knowledge in the specialty of orthodontics allows her to customize the training to meet your practice requirements. Daphne will work one-on-one with your TC to teach the necessary skills that will provide exceptional patient care, increase patient starts and create more doctor time.     

Included in the training is a binder containing scripting, letter samples and information on the following topics:

  • Learn the role and benefits of a Treatment Coordinator
  • Implement effective new patient procedures
  • Establish increased patient rapport
  • Develop a customized job description
  • Present successful consultations
  • Deal positively with different and sometimes difficult people through winning strategies.
  • Save time by streamlining correspondence
  • Present financial arrangements with confidence
  • Track referral sources

New Practice Start up Program

You Get One Chance to Make a First Impression

Whatever first impression a new patient gets is the one that will determine whether or not he or she chooses to continue coming to your practice. Therefore, before your doors open, it is absolutely essential that you and your team are competent, consistent and efficient in all aspects of operating an orthodontic practice. This consulting program is designed to do just that.....

Daphne and her associates will:

  • Recruit, interview and hire the right employees for your practice
  • Develop, write and produce an Employee Manual
  • Set up new patient systems and protocols
  • Develop written content for practice brochures and consultation folders
  • Create and implement a successful marketing plan
  • Train and educate the front desk team
  • Develop and produce a competitive Practice Fee Guide
  • Establish diagnostic records systems and protocols
  • Educate and train the clinical team to produce high quality diagnostic records
  • Create a clinical atmosphere that is effective and efficient
  • Review and refine clinical procedures

Marketing Program

Assist you with developing a plan, budget and calendar


Practice Assessments

Do You Want To Take Your Practice To The Next Level?

Making your practice even better may require a look at ways to streamline or enhance your day-to-day operations. In a busy practice, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees! Let Daphne provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your management systems and orthodontics procedures.  She spends time with the doctor and staff to observe daily routines. Once she has obtained all the necessary information for assessment, Daphne will provide you with a written summary of recommendations. Sometimes, even small changes add up to big improvements!