Training for Non-Clinical Staff

I highly recommend this course! As a previous Social Worker and Pharmacy Assistant, Orthodontics was completely new to me. After Daphne’s ‘Introduction to Orthodontics’ course I feel completely prepared for my new role as the receptionist. Daphne was very professional, kind and patient with me. Thank you Daphne!

— Melissa Kondro - Fort Ortho/Expressions Ortho
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With a defined curriculum and rich multimedia, we help your non clinical staff 'speak' and understand orthodontics, confidently and competently.

Introduction to Orthodontics Course

This course is composed of 4 training modules developed for non-clinical staff to help them better understand orthodontic treatments and processes.  With a structured learning process, we can improve communication so that non-clinical staff better contribute your to workflow. This training was designed for:

  • Front Desk/Receptionists

  • Office Managers

  • Financial Coordinators

  • Marketing Coordinators

  • Sterilization Technicians

Get your employees off to a great start with a clear understanding of the universal fundamentals that run your practice. 


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