Staff Development

We can work with your staff to develop excellent customer service and maximize teamwork. Sometimes staff members end up in a position that isn't the best fit, or they just need to understand how their job fits into a cohesive whole. We work to identify your people's natural strengths to motivate, inspire and develop strong and effective teams. 

Our management contracts typically include monthly remote monitoring and reports, regular contact with office managers and coordinators, and visits to your office to ensure everything is running as efficiently as possible.  

Training for Non-Clinical Staff 

With a defined curriculum and rich multimedia, we help your non clinical staff 'speak' and understand orthodontics, confidently and competently.

We have developed a variety of courses for non-clinical staff to help them better understand orthodontic treatments and processes.  With a structured learning process, we can improve communication so that non-clinical staff better contribute your to workflow. This training was designed for:

  • Front Desk/Receptionists
  • Office Managers
  • Financial Coordinators
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Sterilization Technicians

Get your employees off to a great start with a clear understanding of the universal fundamentals that run your practice.  

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